Open a Juice Bar

Thinking about getting into the Smoothie - Juice Bar Business?
Our Unique Approach, Active Ingredients & Proven Recipe for Success has Redefined the Smoothie - Juice Bar Industry.

Minimal start up Investment

No costly commercial equipment, refrigeration or freezers needed.

No Start-Up Fees

No Restrictive Agreements

Minimal Operating Expenses

Down-sized minimal inventory, keeping only the essentials with No Waste or Shrinkage ensure the highest profit margins per serving.

Increase Revenues & Profitability

Our systems ensure simple, efficient and quick service production that creates an incredible ease of operation and profits.


‘Zero Waste’ Portion Controlled Products & Equipment ensure:
Drink Consistency, Inventory and Cost Per Serving.


Innovative graphic designers continually deliver ongoing word-class POS & Marketing.


Internal & External Marketing Educating customers that drive sales.


Finest Ingredients & An Unbeatable Product

Only the freshest ingredients

Only the freshest ideas


Dedicated Support System & Ongoing Support

Our business is you. What’s the point, you ask? When you profit, we profit. It’s really that simple.